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Quarter by Quarter

Quarter by Quarter Planner

Quarter by Quarter Planner

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Maximise Your Productivity In Line With Your Behavioural Strengths

Quarter by Quarter is not your average planner. Using our Perform profiling tool, we provide you with bespoke behavioural insights to level up your productivity.

With our tailor-made guide to using the planner in a way that compliments your unique behavioural strengths, you'll be able to make the most of every minute, giving you a productivity boost that not only helps you to stay on task but also increases your efficiency for maximum impact. 

From a robust quarterly planning tool to weekly goal planning and daily prioritisation, the simple-to-use format has been proven to help you stay organised so you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment with every goal you reach.



  • Bespoke behavioural insight - find out what your unique behavioural strengths are  with a full behavioural report that details exactly how to apply your strengths to maximise productivity. 
  • Guided coaching - with both theory-based and practical examples throughout your behavioural report and within your planner, we will coach you to optimise your productivity every single day. 
  • All-in-one productivity, gratitude & intention planner to supercharge every area of your life. 
  • Quarterly goal setting with an easy to follow 90 day sprint process & monthly breakdowns to make sure that you reach every goal you set. 
  • Robust weekly planner with weekly focus, top priorities, habit tracker, performance tips and to-do list so that your weeks become more focussed and even more productive. 
  • Daily planning with gratitude, intentions/affirmations, top priorities, to-do list, notes sections and happiness reflection, so you can end each day with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 
  • Weekly reflection round-up to reflect on the achievements, challenges and lessons learned from each week, increasing performance and fulfilment for the weeks ahead.
  • Note pages and bookmark ribbons so you can bundle your notebook, planner and journal into one, ensuring you only have to carry around one book for all of your needs. 

A Coach In Your Pocket

Unlike other planners, you will find in-built coaching techniques, tips and reminders tailored specifically to your behavioural strengths and blindspots, all written by experienced behavioural coaches who have proven success in boosting productivity and performance.

Intentionally Increase Your Happiness

Using practised techniques from some of the world’s happiest, and most successful people, this planner will not only help you become more productive through well-used business methodology and planning techniques but will significantly increase your motivation and happiness. With space for daily gratitude practice, a daily intention or affirmation, happiness reflection, habit tracking and more.

Beautiful & Functional

With its full-colour print throughout and classic yet contemporary feel, this 184 page, A5 journal is the perfect companion for all your business and personal planning needs.

Consistently Achieve Your Goals

Having clear goals and a plan of action to achieve them is essential to success. With this planner, you can easily set and track goals for the year, quarter, month, week, and day. This breakdown helps you to stay focused on your objectives and motivated to achieve them every single day, as you can see your progress throughout the quarter in tangible terms.

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